How it all started

When I was 4 years old, I would spent most of my time playing in the backyard with my grandma. Although we lived in a very urban area, her small garden was mesmerising to me. At that very young age, grandma taught me how to grow edible plants organically as people used to do before the rise of mass production and chemical products. 

That is why, I decided to bring together a small team of passionate people with the view to helping people grow incredible edibles in an urban environment. 

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Our Vision

Despite the hype around organic produce, the fruits and vegetables on the market have become less nutritious. Nowadays, one would have to eat eight oranges  to derive the same amount of Vitamin A as our grandparents would have gotten from one. Unfortunately, this goes for most of the produce available even at the organic food store. Soil depletion, mineral feeding and breeding focused on higher yields rather than quality are the main causes.

At Magic Clover, we want to give access to high quality organic fruit, vegetables and herbs to people. Looking for healthier more nutritious and better tasting produce all year long? We can help, even if you  have little space available at home.


We believe that the key to healthier produce is healthier soil as well as quality genetics. That is why, Magic Clover’s main goal is to provide you with high quality non-GMO seeds and plants in addition to the best organic fertilisers and amendments. That way you can grow the freshest, healthiest and tastiest produce. 

Secondly, we know that organic gardening isn’t only for the expert gardener. With the right tips, anybody can start a hassle free garden.

Offering simple advice and free grow guides along with slow release, easy to use fertilisers and natural amendments will  allow anybody to grow the best edibles. Furthermore, improving the soil life leads to a healthy balance where you do not have to micromanage your plants.

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Reconnect with Nature

Lastly, given that most people live in urban areas and/or do not have the space to have a garden, Magic Clover offers small grow boxes specifically designed for optimising production in small spaces along with dwarf and compact varieties of diverse edible plants extremely well adapted to urban gardens and indoor gardens. 

Now you can get more in touch with nature even if you live in a big city.

Derive pride from growing your own little garden and we promise that you will enjoy your meals like never before!